Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Narrarator

My love affair with fashion, art, and music is deeply rooted in the narrative. When I find something I like I always ask: What is the story behind it and how did this come to be? What about it draws me in? What isn't being said? There are of course superficial elements that may catch my eye or cause my ears to perk up a bit, but these are often fleeting leaving faint impressions in my mind once the lack of depth is revealed. [Much when like dating men, smh.] At the same time my attention span is so short that in the process of digging I often get sidetracked. (Like now) But I believe everything somehow and someway is tied together and I trust I will find my way back to where I began.
So I was going to blog about an art exhibit up until this sentence....
then I decided to scrap this post.
Logged on Twitter. See a suggestion in sidebar to follow Beyonce's Stylist (He went to my High School)--> Follow! Duh! (Officially Sidetracked) Browse his stream. He mentions graphic artist for her Billboard Music Awards performance (Follow!)--> check the website out. Now I'm listening to a narrative, excuse me Beat Cinematic by Kenzo Digital.

This is dopeness!!!Something Hood classic's are made of. Just earlier I was reading Advice from Rappers by local illustrator and graphic designer Jessica Wright. There's some irony in this somewhere, I'm sure. I'm just discovering the method in the midst of my madness. Here I stop and realize sometimes its best to go with the flow and stick to the script. It's already written.