Friday, May 27, 2011

Safety First

“Women are not just there to be admired, they are there to be enjoyed.”
– Ellen Von Unwerth

Ellen von Unwerth x Omahyra x Her tattoo x Pin x Delfina Delettrez

Omahyra Mota
Model Omahyra Mota has always exuded an androgynous angle of feminine sexuality that is effortlessly commanding in photographs. Raw and candidly captured in 2005 book,"Omahyra and Boyd" shot by one of my favorite fashion photographers, Ellen Von Unwerth.

Delfina Delettrez Orgy Pin
22-year-old Delfina Deletterez, a fourth generation descendant of the Fendi clan was born into fashion royalty. In 2007 Delfina debuted her first collection in 2007. Her aesthetic magnetically draws an intrigue not so commonly found in jewelry. She describes it as 'gothic, romantic, rock, FRESH, passionate, laid back, playful, and sunny'. No wonder I find her pieces delectably amusing. Just her website and images of her boutique located in Rome serves as endless stream of inspiration. It is as if she casts these talismans often associated with darkness into a new light,  figuratively speaking.. The collection's main theme "wavers between good and evil, between death and life. Through the applied arts, I want to exorcise and materialize this concept which is often frightening and uncomfortable," according to Delfina.  Somehow skulls aren't so cryptic, bugs not so gross, and orgies not so provocative. Available online at Opening Ceremony.