Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mermaid of the Carribean Sea

"Aycayia embodies the sin, the sin of beauty, art and love. She gives men pleasure, but makes them her slaves, robbing them of the will. And her diabolical strength is that satisfying to everyone, yet not given to anyone. She is a virgin and will die a virgin. If you want to live in peace, throw her in your midst."

From the bottom of the sea

I will teach you how to love me

Into greatness I will lead you

Because I’m a black mermaid

Nothing rarer you will find

Mermaids of the Canary Islands by Tim Ashkar

About: Mermaid sculpture by Paul Robbins. Music and Lyrics, "Black Mermaid" by Esthero. The story of Aycayia, "She with the Lovely Voice" comes from the Ciboney, natives of what is now the Caribbeans. Read story here