Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rise Up To The Occasion

I discovered reggae artist Turbulence via Youtube 3 years ago, but I just  rediscovered him as a key player in Rise Up! A poignant and beautiful documentary about the underground reggae scene in the island, produced and directed by Luciano Blotta. Music is so deeply embedded in the culture people of Jamaica. Though many of the infectious riddims are laced with the lyrics of struggle, hope still manages to eject from even the saddest of the songs. Inspiration can always be drawn out of a struggle and ghetto stories never get old especially when they still exist today where hell lies just over the hills of a beautiful paradise.  And sweet Kemoy, one can't help but fall in love with the angelic island girl. She is proof that real talent lies in the trenches, and like hot air the people will rise through hell and high water. This is the nature of the human spirit. This weekend United Reggae teamed with RiseUp Entertainment to give people 48 hours to view the 60-min TV version of the movie for free. If you missed it, you can BUY the original 90 minute theatrical version, before its official release HERE