Monday, August 1, 2011

Fresh Noise: Lioness in The Undergrind

Underground R&B and soul artist Teedra Moses recently released a new mixtape called, 'Luxurious Undergrind'. The New Orleans native debut studio album "Complex Simplicity" in 2004 under the now defunct Indie Record Label, TVT Records. She has since signed to Maybach Music Group, under which she will tentatively release a second studio album titled, The Lioness. Her aim is to make timeless music and remain organic in her craft during the process. The former fashion stylist, has a musical style and taste unrivaled to anyone else in the industry. Teedra is effortlessly smooth, sexy, & cool. She posesses a lyrical prowess that exudes a depth and honesty through personal stories wrapped in soulful melodies. Teedra reveals the strength and vulnerability of a woman who's love has high standards and no expectations.  --Ebony Griffin

Teedra Moses on what  “Luxurious UnderGrind” means to her:
 To me it’s just like shining from the bottom like you belong at the top. Shining really bright from the bottom of the barrel; you might see something shining bright from the top of the barrel, but this thing at the bottom is shining so fucking bright that people want to reach down beyond all of that other stuff and grab that. The whole point is I’m underground, but that’s what I am and I never let that be a problem or burden for me, and I’ve never cried about being underground; I almost like it more than the thought of being commercial. I always tell people the only thing that I love about commercial success is money because I like money. I like really nice cars, I like really nice clothes, I like to live in really nice places, I like to do what I like to do and money would allow me to do that. But singing is too important to me. So “Luxurious UnderGrind” is like shining from the bottom with your eye on the prize, just because you’re at the bottom doesn’t mean you’re going to stay there. You’re looking up at something and you have a goal and vision to get there. I’m not bothered by being underground, I almost feel like a champion of the underground