Monday, December 19, 2011

Shop Files: SANAHUNT

“I was dressed all in Chanel because I loved Chanel at that moment. In our country, maybe 10 people understood what it was.” 
Oksana Moroz-Hunt

In 1994, Oksana Moroz-Hunt inaugurated Ukraine’s first luxury fashion concept store – a bold statement in a country, long absent from the style-radar of most followers of fashion. Since that time, SANAHUNT serves as the constantly-evolving flagship of the country’s fashion retail industry; its signature is its high-end approach to design, fashion, art, beauty and food. Today SANAHUNT Concept Luxury Store occupies more than 7000 square meters within a 5-storied 19th century mansion in the heart of Kyiv. There are currently over 200 brands on display, including 14 corners and shop-in-shops.