Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Butta Love


butter LONDON Nail Lacquer
Top: Dosh, Henley Regetta, Jaffa, Knees Up
2nd Row: Scoundrel, Tea With The Queen,  The Black Knight, The Full Monty
3rd Row: Cheeky Chops, Come To Bed Red, Cream Tea, Diamond Geezer

Chancer |ˈch ans(ə)r|
Brit slang for someone who is sleazy and fake, or tries to pick up women who are out of his league.
Wear this deep red, “crushed glitter”when you are feeling particularly out of his league. He doesn’t deserve you anyway.

Diamond Geezer  |ˈdī(ə)mənd ˈgēzər |
A “diamond geezer” is what the Cockneys call a kind, helpful and reliable man; A gem of a man.
It’s a finger-bling proper platinum that sparkles like the real thing, but doesn’t cost it!

Dosh |dɒʃ|
Dosh is Brit slang for money or cash. “Can I have a bit of dosh, love? I fancy a kebab.” 
Flaunt this molten apple green shot through with gold. DEEEELICIOUS!$$$
Jaffa |ˈjäfə|
A juicy orange colour, seedless, but potent as Hell.  Also Brit slang for an infertile man.

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