Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Balancing Dance

 "I understand the dance between the masculine and the feminine."
Life is a constant interplay of complementary and balancing forces that can be look at as the polar energies of the masculine and feminine. Understanding the dance of these polarities is recognizing that we are not identified with any one aspect of life, neither the nurturing, receptive side, nor the directive, forceful side of Nature. Rather we are the dynamic wholeness of the interplay between the two. Knowing that we see life as a joyful dance or play that does not need to be feared or controlled, instead we simply enjoy. -Deepak Chopra
Everyday it seems as if another new collaboration is popping up. Some are rather commercially off beat and cheesy,and others are paramount moments for art and design. Creative convergence and commerce is something that I have kept my eye on for a while, it's totally neccessary today and collaborations are a great means by which gaps between art and commerce can be merged. Now when I noticed super sophisticated and stylish Rachel Roy and booked marked her as a modern style icon during her days at Rockawear with Damon Dash or became obsessed with Deepak Chopra books in some ducked off nook in the library during a study break I never would have foresaw the two working together. But to me it makes so much sense. Jewelry has long had a history of spiritual symbolism. Deepak and Rachel cite balance in the feminine and masculine as inspiration for the sword motif  used in the pieces. Deepak who often writes about this noticed this consistency also in Rachel's clothing. Don't you love how inspiration and creativity transcends all boundaries and bends all rules?