Tuesday, May 17, 2011

And when he get on, he gon....

Every time I see or hear mentionings of 'Ye, I think of MTV's "You Hear It First" news snippet  featuring Kanye West back when he was still vying for a chain with the R.O.C. The one thing that appealed over all else was his HUNGER in that studio! It continually inspires me. Antics aside, he put on one of the best live performances I've ever witnessed back in March during SXSW (I've seen him live twice). And while in the midst of people who had 'arrived' by their own accounts in V.I.P. watching and admiring this man, I thought,  "Believe in yourself. Continue to believe even when other's doubt you. Keep on, and soon enough you will leave them no other choice but to believe in you too... or watch from the sidelines."  Now he's plotting to take over my city once again by headlining this year's Austin City Limits alongside Stevie Wonder and currently enjoying the Cannes Film Festival with a  Kate Upton (pictured above), look-a-like. There's no escaping Yeezy in 2011!

"My job is to break down the barriers and show music is just music. On one hand, I've got a knowledge of my heritage; I got a pretty good background, I've been to school. But on the other hand, I like strippers. So do I not talk about strippers because I'm educated? Do I not talk about education because I like strippers? Nobody can pigeonhole me and determine what I talk about." -Kanye West