Thursday, October 6, 2011


Africolor by The Danzier Project
 The New York Africolor exhibition revels in the moments in which black and color intertwine against the backdrop of Africa.

Historically, the spring/summer collections have always been a busier time for black models because designers generally prefer to show their bright and boldly saturated warm weather looks against brown skin.

In a way, the same argument could be used to explain how African photography (you know the kind: beautiful bald-headed black little boys in Crayon colored t-shirts on a beach, for example, or a dark Maasai warrior swathed in red) became in vogue. From a visual perspective, it’s hard to deny the power of a pop of marigold or cerulean blue against a canvas of rich, deep ebony.

And so, in that regard, the photos on view in the Danziger Projects show, Africolor, are less about the complex politics of race, and more about the simple appeal of an arresting image. The show explores the relationship between color and Africa within the context of color photography.