Saturday, October 1, 2011

We Celebrate Style

Kolor Lines
From Naija...
Austrian Lace 
Aso Ebi

From Congo
The dapper Sapeurs
Say the tribal have evolved
Become cilivized
Label them
And call it African Style

Throw in a girl from Dakar for authenticity
Another from Dominican Republic
 You still only begin to scratch the cover's surface
 Bookmark pages and draw tearsheets from
Africa's complex, diverse, and intricate Book of Style
Because you won't define or contain it's vastness
You can only celebrate it

Did someone say 'Celebration'? 
From the U.K. to the U.S.A. on any given week
You'll find men dipped in traditional attire of fine lace
 Ladies crowns adorned with damask, Hayes original, and brocade
Face beat to perfection, lobes and necks dripping with jewels
Unions and milestones are enough reason for a full on production
Festivities become an equal runway for all
Family and friends, young and old take to the stage
Gracious hosts facilitate a grandoise display
Seasons are irrelevant on this front
Because any true African knows
 a good time never goes out of style.

Happy Nigerian Independence Day to All!!