Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blue Dream Highs

K.K. Tsunemi had a passion for denim, inspriring him to import used denim directly from the United States as no denim was manufactured in Japan at the time. In 1961 Mr Tsunemi crafted the first pair of EDWIN denim jeans. The EDWIN brand was born. The name crafted using the spelling on D.E.N.I.M and turning the 'M' on it's head forming EDWIN.

In 1963 EDWIN produced the World's heaviest ringspun denim (16oz) featuring the famous tri-colour 'Rainbow' Selvage. Still in use within today's collection. The original pieces were so heavy, they were reputed to stand up by themselves.

During the 1970's EDWIN were the first company in the World to develop 'Old Wash'. Designed to replicate denim worn for a long period of time showing natural wear patterns.

The 1980's saw a truely innovative progression with EDWIN inventing the 'Stone Washing' technique. A pivotal moment in the evolution of denim manufacture.

EDWIN created the 'New Vintage' denim concept during the 1990's. Designed to hand replicate the subtle beauty of original vintage washes.
This year will see yet more developments in wash techniques, including the 'Origins' Project and 'Inkmax', which is a completely new approach to creating aged denim.

EDWIN is an authentic Japanese denim brand priding itself on innovation and craftsmanship, utilising exclusive fabrics and fabrication, unique technology, hand wash processes and continual progression in design and fit.

EDWIN, proudly manufacturing to the highest quality as standard.