Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I've never really been the consistent blogger of sorts (obviously, eh?) but once upon a time I was something like a loyal blog reader. I followed the same few blogs regularly, and somehow there were too many that ended up in my favorites folder and now I hardly visit any more than once every few months.Today while scrolling down my Tumblr feed I came across a picture of a familiar face from a 'favorite' when I realize I just don't read traditional blogs. I don't know if Lookbook, Tumblr, work, the less time spent online for leisure these days or fact that there are TOO MANY DAMN FASHION BLOGS! is to blame. But then again I don't buy fashion magazines anymore either, Shhhhh.... So where did the love go??

image via is of those first personal style blogs I fell in love with. I love Nini because of her quality over quanity philosophy, she does not follow trends, and makes everything her own. Nini is one of the few bloggers who has been put TEXAS on the map with her fierceness and living the blogger's fairytale; a stylist with the professional photographer hubby turned creative director and designer. She's also a true inspiration to any fashionista looking to make it with a dash of the "It" factor, a true love of fashion, and alot of dedication.