Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Divine Feminine, War and Destruction

"Archetypes are fundamental building blocks of human nature. Myths, legends and fairy tales, which contain principles and morals are structured in the symbolic language of archetypes. In Western culture we have devalued, even demonized, aspects of the feminine for nearly 4,000 years, effectively pushing these archetypes beneath our conscious awareness... Symptoms of this shift in Greek myths included an increasing glorification of war, accompanied by a deteriorating value of agriculture and cyclical time. The importance of the Great Goddess diminished and has been essentially buried for four millennia. The loss of half of the Divine has resulted in the rupture of the mind and heart, reverberating through centuries in  violence, alienation and growing environmental devastation. Western culture no longer moves in harmony with natural cycles, and I believe our lack of balance with the natural seasons of earth and sky has brought us to this precarious place."
-Julie Loar Everyday Goddesses