Monday, March 19, 2012

Style Architect

“My goal is to bring effortless style to the masses.”
For the first time tonight many will be introduced to style maven June Ambrose via premiere of her VH1 show, Juniverse. But many of us know  Mrs. June Ambrose has held her rank as one of the top celebrity stylists in the industry for over a decade. With a resume as long as hers, a client list as high profile, and having been more than 20 years deep into the game why just now??  June has successfully used a social media platform to build her own brand bit by bit.
 “Fashion mags weren’t really recognizing me, so I created my own space.”
Tonight during the show her and her interns are live tweeting to her 300,000 plus followers during the show. Innovator is what comes to my mind when I think of June's style and approach to all she does. I grew up in the music video era which heavily influenced my personal style as a teenager.
 “She single-handedly cleaned up hip-hop.”
-Swizz Beatz
She often worked alongside mega hip hop video director Hype Williams translating songs into visual menageries of  fantasy, luxury, and color. “We weren’t making videos, we were making movies,” she said in an interview with Lola Ogunnaike. June has played a key role in building images for some of hip-hop's major players and moguls.
“I wanted to bring high fashion to urban music, to bring aspiration, imagination, luxury.” 

 “She is fashion,” 
“She lives it and breathes it.”
 -Sean Puffy Combs