Monday, September 17, 2012

An Ol' NAAASTY Makeover!!

First off, let it be known that I LOVE all things BeyoncĂ©! But I admit I haven't paid any attention to her clothing line, House of Dereon let alone visited the website in years. That was until today when I saw a cute leopard skirt on my Tumblr feed and took to the website for more info. And I didn't see a pair of bootylicious jeans in sight. To be honest *in my best Funky Dineva voice* it looked like House of Dereon got an "Ol' NAAASTY Makeover!! Yes Gawd!!" The lookbook immediately put me in the mind of Nasty Gal. I am huge fan of the California based on-trend online retailer as I find myself ordering from them a little too often. I think it's safe to say they definitely have emerged as a leader in setting trends in their niche of e-commerce. I think a remix is in order. Who runs the the world? Nasty Gals!!